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betsy2 lvnmWelcome! I'm Betsy, and I'm an escort available to make you feel your absolute best. I love going out and staying in! I enjoy entertainment of all types. Did you know that consuming edibles before you get your date into action is a spectacular way to enhance the experiences you have together with your escort? Here's why I love partaking in edible usage before I get intimate with my clients.

Your Inhibitions Are Gone With The Wind

Many people find it a bit, well, weird to be with someone intimately if they haven't ever met them in the past. If you are shy or feel strange about spending time with an escort closely, eating a gummy bear or similar edible is a great way to let loose. You'll soon find that being with your escort isn't as scary or bizarre as you thought it would be. You'll find that you can act on your desires without holding back. That's what I really enjoy in a client! Edibles will just ease the way for you so you get exactly what you want from our date.

The Mood Lightens Up Tremendously

When you try edibles with your escort, any stress you are dealing with will not be as prevalent as it was before consuming them. You will likely find yourself laughing with your escort and you'll find the good in situations rather than dwelling on anything negative. What I like to do is have the edibles pretty early on in our date. That way the effects take hold immediately so you can enjoy as much as you possibly can with what time we have allotted to be together. If we go out, we'll be enjoying the sights and sounds around us because of the enhancing properties edibles will provide. Any entertainment in the city will be extremely enjoyable.

Let The Feeling Overtake Your Body

When we get back to your place, we might want to try another round of edibles. It depends on whether the effects wore off or not. Edibles make massages so extremely sexy and relaxing. You'll find it so easy to slip off your clothing and help me disrobe mine. We'll slide on into your bed and take the time to explore each other's bodies in detail. I'll touch it all over, making your body tingle with excitement. When I give massages, I will enjoy getting on top of your nude body while I'm completely in the buff myself. Whether you are into role-playing, tantric exercises, fetish play, or Nuru massage, I believe the power of edibles will help make our session fun and mysterious. Let's give it a try! Call me now to book a date that you'll be sure to want to rehash in your mind over and over after it comes to an end.