Las Vegas Massages

When you are visiting Las Vegas, there are no shortage of massage styles to enjoy. ASMR massage has become more and more popular in recent years and it is time you learned more about the advantages it can provide. This massage technique might be relatively new but you are more than welcome to stop by and try it for yourself.

Before heading out to receive an ASMR massage, you are bound to have questions. There's nothing wrong with being inquisitive. That's why we have prepared this helpful guide that will walk you through the process!

What Does ASMR Stand For?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR massage is one of the Las Vegas in room massages that you can receive. It is one of the best ways to unwind after a long night of debauchery in the city of sin. It is what is known as a braingasm massage and you will soon find out why. These massages are marked by tingling sensations that are felt all over the body. The experience is euphoric, relaxing and some clients even report feeling a pleasurable urge to sleep soon afterwards.

How Does The ASMR Massage Work?

There is no concrete explanation to be provided here. The massages work well because they are different for each client that experiences them. The sensations are triggered in a variety of ways that will depend on the specifics of each client. An ASMR massage aims to trigger all of the senses and while we do not wish to toot our own horn, they typically succeed in this purpose.

What Can I Expect From An ASMR Massage?

By targeting the stimuli that are responsible for bringing about the aforementioned sensations, these massages work on a variety of different levels. First of all, the ASMR massage differs greatly from any other form of massage therapy that you have received in the past. 

Once you have entered the room for one of these massages, you are usually greeted for some form of soft music. The same goes for any client receiving a Las Vegas in room massage. Relaxing background sounds can also be chosen as needed. The oils that are applied to the client's shoulders, neck and face are specifically chosen to meet their needs.

What Areas Does The Massage Focus On?

The aforementioned areas are typically the primary areas of focus but the client is more than welcome to offer additional guidance if they are looking for added help. Area specific massage is combined with light touches (often compared to a feather) and repetitive motions.

The massage therapist will often focus on areas that are not always touched upon during the average massage. Your earlobes and temples are chief among them. Our massage therapists may also incorporate other forms of touching into the massage, including light whispering and playing with your hair. 

How Does The ASMR Massage Help?

Are you experiencing a great deal of additional tension in your body? If so, the ASMR massage is the way to go. All of the aforementioned physical touching works to reduce the anxiety and tension that you are currently going through. We know that a trip to Las Vegas is not complete without in room massage and that's why we are here to help. 

Once the physical touch is paired with the natural ambiance that has been created, the tension that the client is looking to remove melts away like butter. The euphoria that the ASMR massage creates is unmatched and that's why it is known as the braingasm massage. Top tier relaxation has never been easier to come by. You can finally let your thoughts go and live in the moment.