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betsy2 lvnmWelcome! I'm Betsy, and I'm an escort available to make you feel your absolute best. I love going out and staying in! I enjoy entertainment of all types. Did you know that consuming edibles before you get your date into action is a spectacular way to enhance the experiences you have together with your escort? Here's why I love partaking in edible usage before I get intimate with my clients.

Your Inhibitions Are Gone With The Wind

Many people find it a bit, well, weird to be with someone intimately if they haven't ever met them in the past. If you are shy or feel strange about spending time with an escort closely, eating a gummy bear or similar edible is a great way to let loose. You'll soon find that being with your escort isn't as scary or bizarre as you thought it would be. You'll find that you can act on your desires without holding back. That's what I really enjoy in a client! Edibles will just ease the way for you so you get exactly what you want from our date.

jill1 lvnmThe new year is almost upon us and resolutions are likely to be made by many people to get their year off to the right start. One wonderful resolution is to take care of yourself and your body. After all, if you do for everyone else and skip caring for yourself, you'll burn out and become depressed. That is no way to live. Start the year on the right foot by booking yourself weekly massages to keep yourself in the best of health. Here are some benefits you'll obtain.

Your Pick Of Pretty Caregivers To Tend To Your Needs

With a weekly massage package, you'll have the advantage of selecting who gives you your massage at any given session. If you click with a particular massage, you may want to hire her again and again to meet your needs. If you want to switch things up a bit, you can pick someone else to see if their massages are different. To pick your masseuse, just head to our webpage and browse the profile pictures and descriptions our girls have provided us with. You're sure to see many that tickle your fancy. Just reach out and schedule your session and your selected masseuse will show up on time and ready to please.

betsy2 lvnm

Massage is a luxury that many people indulge in regularly. If you have never had a massage in the past, or if you have only had them at professional establishments, you are missing out on amenities you are most likely not even aware of. Book a session with a private massage artist on your day off, as an evening treat, or during your vacation and find out what all the fuss is about.

Massage Is Available At Any Time...Day Or Night

When you book a massage at a professional spa or parlor, you are limited regarding the timeslots they have available for their clients. You might find that some establishments don't have night hours at all or that your favorite masseuse is only available on particular days. When you hire a private massage artist, however, there are no limits to the times available for the session. In fact, you have the opportunity to make the massage last as long as you wish as well. this isn't something that is offered at traditional practices. If you feel the desire for a massage at 3 a.m., just contact us and we will send over a woman ready to tend to your body as soon as possible.

sky2Everyone deserves to be pampered every now and again. If you are thinking about what type of gift to give to a loved one, consider an invigorating massage. A massage helps to relax the body and makes you feel good both inside and out. While you are at it, book one for yourself! Here is a rundown of what you or your loved one can expect from a massage from one of our women.

A Woman With Beauty Beyond Anyone's Expectations

Let's face it...getting touched by an attractive person can be much more exciting than someone who is subpar. Our beautiful masseuses are some of the most spectacular in the looks department. With sexy bodies and gorgeous faces, it is hard not to get into a massage when they start to touch the body. Take a look at our website, select the beauty you want to show up for the event, and let us know of a date and time for the massage. We will take care of all the rest.

raquel3 lvnmHello and welcome to my blog post promoting the benefits of using CBD oils for massage. I am an escort who truly believes that to keep in the best of health, you need to pamper yourself and tend to your body with the finest products available. I give my clients invigorating massages and I always use CBD oil as the medium to tend to the muscles. Here is what you will enjoy if you decide to book me for a session.

I'll Bring Along My Own CBD Oil

I won't have you do the research on what type of CBD oil is best for massage. I have top-grade oils that I need to order online for my clients. I will bring them along with me and use them appropriately during your massage session so you simply need to lie back and enjoy the touch of my fingers on your body. The oil I like using most is completely natural and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. There are no side effects whatsoever and the scent is extremely pleasing.

yazmin4So, you decided to book a nude massage with an escort service. You have got to be excited! With this excitement, comes the worry about how you are supposed to act. If you never had a nude massage before, you are likely to have some apprehension. There is nothing to fear! Here is a rundown regarding nude massage etiquette to help you relax and enjoy the session ahead.

A Massage Is Meant To Be Enjoyed In The Buff

When you go to a spa to get a massage, you will be expected to adhere to a list of rules for the protection of staff workers and yourself. While this is commendable, not everyone wants to keep on their underwear or have a towel covering themselves during a massage. This is why a nude massage in the comfort of your home or hotel is much more desirable. We understand that clothing can be restrictive during massage sessions. You want to feel every touch without that waistband getting in the way. We encourage our clients to bare it all! The best part? Your masseuse will do the same! We are talking not a stitch of clothing on either of you. Does this make a massage sound more interesting than ever? It should!

gemma2 lvnmHello friends! I'm so glad you stopped on by! I'm Gemma and I'm going to talk a little about tantra. You have probably heard the term before. Maybe you have even indulged in some tantric pleasures in the past. I am relatively new to the experience and find it so very satisfying for all parties involved in an intimate setting. I recently had the pleasure of having a client teach me more about this phenomenon, and I want to share our findings with you. 

What Tantra Is All About

Tantra is an overall body experience unlike any other. It basically involves trying to incorporate a spiritual approach within your relationship by enhancing the connection using conscious energy to lift your feelings to a higher level. You need to be in tune with your partner and feel the intensity of your actions with each other. Each touch is analyzed from within. It is difficult to explain, but it is a sensual experience that needs to be felt first-hand to appreciate its benefits.

autumn2 lvnmIf you are interested in experiencing the relaxation and sensuality often incorporated during a massage session, then opting for a tantra massage can be the way to accomplish these desires. Here is some information about this type of massage so you understand what it consists of and what you can expect during a massage session yourself.

What Tantra Massage Is All About

Tantra massage came on the scene in the early 80's, however, tantric practices, in general, were started in the late seventies. Tantra uses elements found in yoga sessions, bioenergetics, and therapeutic practices used to heal those dealing with sexual problems. The person receiving a tantra massage is not a giver, but rather receives all the attention from the masseuse without reciprocation. The process involves targeted movements upon erogenous zones of the body to help build relaxation and a sense of calming. It is an extremely sensual massage practice where the masseuse and the target become connected both emotionally and physically when massage is being administered.

cassandra3 lvnmSpring is just around the corner and making preparations to enjoy the change of the seasons is just what is needed to enjoy this transition. There's no better way than to celebrate the return of spring with a session of pampering. Consider hiring a naked massage girl to provide you with the honors! Read on to find out what happens when you make the move to have a personal masseuse tend to your needs.

You'll Get A Girl That Looks The Part You Want

When you head to a spa or massage parlor, there's no picking who you will have giving you your massage. You won't get someone to do it naked either! When you reach out to our service, however, you are the one in control. Each of our sexy masseuses is listed right on our webpage, and we have pictures to back up their gorgeous appearances. Take a look at the profiles and pick out a massage girl that you find interesting and exceptionally beautiful. Let us know when you want to meet with her, make your payment, and we will handle the rest!

brooke4 lvnmIf you are currently staying in Las Vegas for business, or if you intend on visiting in the coming weeks for one of our many conventions going on in the city, you are likely to want to find something to do during your off-time. Vegas has plenty to offer, and what better time to hop on board and experience all the sights and sounds around you. One great part of Vegas is that whatever happens in Sin City tends to stay in the area. Enjoying the touch of another during your stay is no exception.

jiselle4Couples may seem to stick out more than they had before when Valentine's Day approaches. Instead of feeling down because you aren't hooked up at the moment, take the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with some pampering. A sexy massage session can invigorate your body and ease stress wonderfully. Here's what you can expect when you schedule a session with one of our stunning masseuses for Valentine's Day.

Gorgeous Doesn't Even Cut It

When you hire one of our masseuses to come to your place for a session, you'll be taken aback by the beauty that she exudes from the moment she walks through your door. Our ladies are the cream of the crop and some of the most gorgeous that you have seen anywhere. If you have a preference regarding the appearance of your masseuse, you have the option of selecting the exact woman who will show up at your place. Profiles are provided on our website for your convenience so you can see the ladies before you schedule a session, allowing you to pick out exactly who will be servicing you.

kelly2 lvnmA Little Known Benefit When Hiring An Escort For The Evening

If you are considering hiring an escort to keep you company while visiting a city away from your home, you are most likely pretty excited about having a pretty woman to show off to others. The excitement in having a date instead of sitting in a hotel room alone will be sure to keep you upbeat as well. Many do not realize that some escort services have women available to aid in relaxation techniques after date time out and about comes to an end.