In Room Massage

Our sexy ladies will perform the best of in-room massage for you delivering the following approach:
Experience the magic with, 

  • Lymphatic drainage Massage
    Giving you a light, soothing massage with a special choice of essential oil blended to reduce water retention and refresh the body. It is applied to help the body eliminate toxins.
  • Intensive Swedish Massage
    This is also known as relaxing massage. This focuses on the muscular system, uses soothing hand movements from our girls to work into your muscles and soft tissues and induce relief from stress and tension.
  • Sport Therapeutic Massage
    With a combination of Shiatsu, Swedish and deep tissue techniques to ease aches, pains and strains, you enjoy this massage from our beautiful models with relevance to your particular needs.
  • Anti-Cellulite Massage
    We will deliver this to get cellulite off. Anti-Cellulite Massage concentrates on stimulating the blood vessels in the skin, mainly in the areas where cellulite is most prevalent and this clears the lymph cells of toxins and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.
  • Romance Couples Massage
    Our girls are also here to give couples the ultimate in-room massage experience that will leave them relieved and better looking.
  • Thai Yoga Massage
    This is an ancient massage, handed down over the ages. Our girls offer clients’ this to spark up a state of well-being, clarity and improved physical state. It is created with mindfulness, gentle movements, intense yoga stretching, breathing and rhythmic compression. Our girls will stretch and manipulate pressure points to balance the flow of energy within the body, stretching the muscles and releasing tension. 
  • Anti-Stress Back Massage
    With our models focusing on the back, neck and shoulders, this stimulating massage technique uses palms, forearms and elbows to relieve tired muscles, reduce tension and improve blood circulation and this automatically means better health for you.
  • Acupressure Back Massage
    With the world’s sexiest ladies using their fingers to press key points on the surface of your skin starting from the back of the feet all the way to the back of head, this helps the acupressure points release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood and the body’s life force energy to aid healing.
  • Head Massage
    Our ladies will spot on the head, scalp, neck and shoulder with the best massage to help melt away any tensions or stress and this is highly recommended for those suffering from low energy, insomnia, chronic headaches, fatigue and stress.
  • Foot and lower legs Massage
    After cleansing the feet with a scrub, this holistic healing technique is far more than a foot massage. Our girls make sure that the reflex area points on your feet are stimulated with prompt relief from your aches & pains.
  • General Foot Massage
    Our damsels will massage the pressure points on your feet that correspond to individual organ parts of your body. This massage helps to ease away pain, reduce stress and restore the natural flow of energy to your body.

Las Vegas EscortsFlush away the stress on your legs and feet. A soothing treatment from us enhances effective circulation in the area that needs it most. Clients’ legs feel lighter, refreshed and more energized.

What You Should Know About In-Room Massage
This is absolutely a massage style that is for health purposes, with no "extras."
Asking for or initiating sexual contact during a therapeutic massage is not only rude; it is illegal sexual harassment, except on certain foundations and agreement. We offer an impressive line-up of enriching massage services brought to you by our lovely girls. No matter what you’re planning for your next visit to Las Vegas, it’s easy to relax with us and with our in-room massage services provided exclusive for you, featuring everything from Swedish Massages to Pre-natal Massage.

Our Services and Rates are the most affordable and yet the best of quality massage you get.
In the spirit of a good old-fashioned spoiler, we give the best and offer in-room massages since that’s what we are trained and known for. While we doubt many would agree that in-room massages are an equal substitute for a spa facility, something that sounds appealing to you. Our in-room massage facility is the best and with the ultimate relaxing environment. We're betting some of you would feel uncomfortable having a masseuse come up to your room, especially before housekeeping has come by. We're also wondering about the couples massage, considering that many city hotel rooms aren't big enough to fit two tables side-by-side. How romantic could it be then when you jump into our sensual intelligent ladies hands?

According to research by the American Hospital Association, a cumulative number of patients are requesting massage therapy. Because health-care providers have seen clear evidence of its benefits, more hospitals are choosing to offer massage as a complementary therapy in the acute-care setting. And you know what, we have received referrals from these hospitals to Las Vegas massage and we only do one thing, SURPRISE our clients’ with just what they need. Massage conveys many benefits to patients in any setting. Following massage, patients report feeling less stress and anxiety and they typically experience increased flexibility and greater range of motion, which can be very beneficial for patients who have had strokes, suffered traumatic injury, or undergone joint replacement surgery. For people having trouble sleeping, an in-room massage will help relax them and help to promote healthy sleep patterns. When we treat you, you experience release of muscle tension and soreness, which helps alleviate physical symptoms as well as depression. 

When you get the correct in room massage with Las Vegas Massage, the benefits are surplus and the following can relate with it as:
It alleviates discomfort during pregnancy, creates body awareness, encourages a healthy metabolism, gives emotional relief from anxiety and depression, improves athletic performance, improves capacity for calm thinking and creativity, improves general relaxation, improves tissue elasticity and flexibility, nurtures faster healing of strained muscles, helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness, helps relieve stress and supports relaxation, helps relieve tension-related headaches and effects of eye strain, it helps strengthen the immune system, it helps to re-establish your proper muscular tone, helps lower blood pressure, improves circulation of blood and movement of lymph fluids, improves ability to concentrate, improves immune system functioning, improves energy flow, improves sleep, increases ease of movement, increases range of motion in joints, post injury rehabilitation, promotes well-nourished skin, promotes postural awareness, reduces muscular tension and associated discomfort, relieves congestion in the lungs and so much more.

It also treats issues like cancer, asthma, arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic edema, chronic pain, compression syndromes, contractures, cramps, depression or grieving conditions, diabetes, digestive complaints or constipation, dislocations, dysmennorhea, emphysema, breast pain, breast injuries, congestion and swelling, fibrosis, flat foot fractures, frozen shoulder, gout, headache/migraine, hypertension, insomnia, jaw pain, knee injury, Low Back Pain, mesothelioma, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, neck pain, neuralgia, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, paralysis, parkinsons, postural disorders, pregnancy discomforts such as pre and post natal, pre and post-surgical and post-injury rehabilitation, periodic pains for women, respiratory problems, sports injuries, amongst so many others.

In room massage from us is here to stay and make its fans and visitors get the best of massage treatments that are super tailored by professionals to ensure you get all the aforementioned benefits, living a brighter and healthier life. Thinking of getting a massage for the very first time from the professionals, or just looking for a better one than the one you know, then you will get it by simply contacting us now. Patients facing surgery derive both physical and psychological benefits from our in room massage, which enables them to face their surgery in a more positive state of mind and body. Following surgery, massage increases blood flow and this can help patients recover faster and this is no gain saying, it is feasible and applicable. Are you are interested in having an in room massage appointment with us today? Contact us now.

We have broad skill sets and employ various massage styles, among them neuromuscular and connective tissue therapy, Swedish massage, and reflexology, amongst others mentioned above or not mentioned. We are experienced working in medical massage and in the special demands of working in acute-care settings and we are well-informed about pains, oncology massage, pregnancy, and we are skilled at working with each of our clients’ to address his or her specific concerns. Come on in now, let these beautiful Angels take you up for the best in-room massage of your life and enjoy all its benefits both on sensual and health grounds.