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raquel3 lvnmHello and welcome to my blog post promoting the benefits of using CBD oils for massage. I am an escort who truly believes that to keep in the best of health, you need to pamper yourself and tend to your body with the finest products available. I give my clients invigorating massages and I always use CBD oil as the medium to tend to the muscles. Here is what you will enjoy if you decide to book me for a session.

I'll Bring Along My Own CBD Oil

I won't have you do the research on what type of CBD oil is best for massage. I have top-grade oils that I need to order online for my clients. I will bring them along with me and use them appropriately during your massage session so you simply need to lie back and enjoy the touch of my fingers on your body. The oil I like using most is completely natural and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. There are no side effects whatsoever and the scent is extremely pleasing.

We Can Learn About Each Other First

While your massage is one of the focal points of our date, I hope to learn more about you before I start our session. This will amplify the feelings you experience as you'll have a connection with me, personally. Let's go out on the town for an hour or two so we can converse. During this time, I'll ask you about your desires and dislikes so I can provide you with the very best service possible when we get back to your plac.e

CBD Is Beneficial In So Many Ways

Using a CBD oil during a massage will give plenty of health benefits to you. The oil is applied to the skin in areas where you are experiencing pain or discomfort. It will help to reduce stress that you are suffering from. It gives those who use it an all-over sense of well-being in the body. You'll feel totally relaxed after the session comes to an end.

Massage Is Just Part Of The Fun

The CBD massage I give to you is only a part of the amenities you'll receive when you book a date with me. I find that the closeness of a massage can open up to other opportunities. If we go out first, there are even more, simply because of that connection we had made. Let me help you explore your inner desires and make them become realities. I am up for a sexy striptease, a sultry lap dance, some goosebump giving with ASMR, or some sexy role-play action. Your wish is my command. We can start with these indulgences or save them for after you are totally relaxed from the completely nude massage I give to you. When I say completely nude...I'm not just talking about you! CBD massage is so much better when both parties are skin on skin. Are you interested? If so, give me a call!