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autumn2 lvnmIf you are interested in experiencing the relaxation and sensuality often incorporated during a massage session, then opting for a tantra massage can be the way to accomplish these desires. Here is some information about this type of massage so you understand what it consists of and what you can expect during a massage session yourself.

What Tantra Massage Is All About

Tantra massage came on the scene in the early 80's, however, tantric practices, in general, were started in the late seventies. Tantra uses elements found in yoga sessions, bioenergetics, and therapeutic practices used to heal those dealing with sexual problems. The person receiving a tantra massage is not a giver, but rather receives all the attention from the masseuse without reciprocation. The process involves targeted movements upon erogenous zones of the body to help build relaxation and a sense of calming. It is an extremely sensual massage practice where the masseuse and the target become connected both emotionally and physically when massage is being administered.

What You Can Expect During A Session

When your masseuse arrives to give you a tantra massage, they may strip you down slowly rather than having you disrobe yourself. This will help in the building of anticipation for the movements they will be using on your body. You will be asked to lie down and remain in a comfortable position as your masseuse uses a hands-on approach to knead away muscle tension. They will use a series of gentle touches, keeping sensuality into the session. The touches may become a bit harder as the session builds to help ease muscle pain. You will feel an overwhelming connection to your masseuse during a tantra massage. The experience is rather different if you have never had it before, so be away of heightened senses throughout your session.

How To Get A Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is usually not available in standard spas or massage parlors. You can, however, book a session via an escort service to receive this type of massage in the comfort of your home or hotel room. Take a look at the profiles on our website of the escorts we have available for hire. Each of our women is trained in the art and science of tantra and will use her knowledge to provide you with an experience you will not be soon to forget. All it takes is a phone call or email to our service to book an appointment with the woman you find interesting or attractive from our many profiles. Your masseuse will then come to your home or hotel room at the designated time and show you just how exciting and erotic a tantra massage can be.