An All Over Tan

Always wanting to look my very best as a top Las Vegas escorts professional, I was at the pool today so I am a bit darker than my picture. Do you like girls with an all over tan, or do you like the way a bikini tan looks? A bikini tan is what it looks like when a girl removes her bikini but looks like she still has the bikini on. The weather in Las Vegas was so hot and delicious by the pool today.

I was lying on my stomach and decided to loosen my bikini top. I prefer an all over tan, so I didn't want the marks from my straps. After a while I decide to roll over, I looked up to make sure everyone had left the pool area. Being there alone, I felt free to roll over and sun my chest for a while, for that all over tan look.

After a few minutes it seemed like the whole world got very, very quiet. I had a strange feeling someone was looking at me lying in the sun naked by the pool. I scanned the area but I didn't see anything. Then I slowly looked up at the hotel balconies. There was a group of college guys video taping me with their cell phones. What a girl going to do? I was caught in the act of nude sunbathing.

All I Could Think to Do Was Smile and Wave at Them. So there I was stretched out on the pool chair, wearing nothing but a smile. I never thought things like that happened for real. The sun felt so great on my naked body. I just decided to make the best of it. The thing was, I knew if I stood up and started running, the guys would go nuts and start hooting and yelling, that's just how guys are.

I didn't want to attract any attention, so I just rolled over on my stomach and tried to act natural. Might as well just act natural, I thought, after all I am "au naturale." It is kind of funny that I got all shy, being one of the best Las Vegas in room massage around you would think that would never have bothered me.

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