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Poised and Professional on the Outside

Hey there sexyness! My name is Betsy and Ill make sure you have the time of your life in Sin City. Sometimes I feel older than my twenties because I have seen so much, and lived so fast. As a Las Vegas escorts VIP service preferred, I often get my pick of clients, the cream of the crop. My favorite assignments are those that require me to attend social events of the season. It is my job to stand out among the guests, but no so much that people begin to ask questions. Not only am I the most serious piece of eye candy in the room, I challenge my companions guests to exceed me, surpass me if they can. Because I am an excellent conversationalist, well-read, informed and to the surprise of many, a forward thinker. I earn my place as a favorite of the financial kings of Las Vegas, I work harder to keep my place in the sun.

I am up every day at five am, I run, get an espresso, then jog home more slowly. Just as I am a favorite of those I serve, I have my own favorites. My hair must be updated often, my make-up pristine, freshly manicured and fresh supple skin, these are the tricks of my trade. Once or twice I have been asked, what will you do when your beauty is gone and your lovely tight body begins to sag. I usually smile mysteriously because I know I have it all planned out, but I don't often answer such a question.

It is my Job to be the Centerpiece of Every Room I Enter. The older men treat me like a precious coin, the younger men strut and show men off like the prize they've earned. Whatever the day brings, I am poised and professional on the outside, but I am poised and professional on the inside as well. This is my destiny for this moment, I am here to serve, to assist, to make my companions look good. This is what I am made for, this is what I enjoy. Everytime the phone rings for an offer, I am excited as if it was the first time all over again. There is no end to the challenges, the experiences, the sexy adventures that make my day.

Ready? Betsy is about to remove her top.Topless on the beach. That alright with you?Betsy is spraying water down her chest. Or maybe its oil?Look at that V swimsuit. Shows everything!

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