Like a Slippery Baby Seal

Hey! I should start off my saying my name is Ivana. Sometimes just for fun, I like to pretend I am a baby seal. I get all buttered up with our sensual NURU massage oil, it makes my naked body look all shiny and smooth, just like a slippery baby seal. I was thinking that tonight I would love to give a hot and slippery Las Vegas NURU massage.

The girls here at Las Vegas Escorts all have exotic training for naked massage techniques. The most fun about the NURU technique is, we don't use our hands, most of the time. Most of the time the special NURU techniques work best when we used our whole bodies. So the more slippery I get, the more efficient our massaging gets. Have you ever wondered what a very, very slippery girl can do to make you feel, well, relaxed? That's my job, and I love it very much. So, if you were thinking you were in the mood to get, you know, relaxed, maybe you should grab your phone and give me a call.

Grab your Phone Baby! You know what, I just think I heard the phone ringing in the next room. Maybe I should get it right now, it could be you. Only, what if it's not you? That would be so sad, because talking with you like this, it has been getting me in the mood to get, well, you know, relaxed.

If you decide to call me right now, for a date, it might be fun to see Las vegas together, and then get, well, you know, relaxed together. I'll bring some extra NURU massage oil in case you want me to get you all slippery like a seal with me, you know, together. Let's talk soon baby.

An amazing blonde, Ivana is ready for fun.Don’t you just love straps on the pantyhose?Ivana is bending over and ready for fun.Ivana wants to strip down, she’s just waiting for you.

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