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My Job is my Heaven

Hey guys, or girls. My name is Jill. I hope you like redhead. Some of the girls I work with are exceptional beauties, some are intelligent and have knowledge. Some of the Las Vegas Escorts I work with have dreams that they will conquer some day. We have girls who didn't make it through high school, but they are so good at what they do hear, they will never want for anything later in life. This is good work, honorable work, honest work. We are here to please, to excite, to wake up the senses. I like men, I love women, put them together and I am in heaven. One of the ways I have found to stand out from the others is my ability to turn a hard, tense, dynamic body into pliable flesh, relaxed, healed, and yielding to to my relently touch.

As I watch the excitement spring from their eyes, I am just as excited, elated even, they are mine and I am theirs. I value the spirituality of what I do but my secret is the joy I feel when they are pleasured beyond what they imagined. I get inspired by the pleasure of others. My heart is happy when I know I did good. I love to collect things. My chest in my bedroom is filled with small treasures. I have amazing sea glass in colors of green and and pretty pastels. I collect fancy pens from famous places around the world, my companions never fail to bring me a new treasure from the other side of the world. Unlike some of the girls I work with here, I will probably never go to these far away places, but I love my treasures I stow away in my chest, each attached to a remarkable memory.

The key to being good at the services you provide, is to be content, and to love the job. I am content to love my career, this is a noteworthy place to be. Many will never understand why I value the things that I do, that's ok. It is what it is.

Jill is spreading her legs and wants to show you something.Love a sexy red head? Jill is here for you.Jill in a hammock. Bet you’ll never be able to get out.Great body and a fun time. Jill will swing you away.

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