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A Night You Will Never Forget

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, you had to walk into mine. I was sitting there at the bar, sipping on my martini, and in you walked. The show stopped. The lights dimmed and the people halted their conversations. In reality, everything continued on as normal, but in my mind, you became the center of my attention, my world. You walked in, your suit perfectly pressed, on hand in your pocket, the other hand on the railing as you walked down the stairs to the bar. You looked around, taking in the place. I think you saw me. You looked my way. I couldn't tell. But the way you looked I'll always remember. The classical band wore gray, you wore blue. The image of you will forever be with me.

As soon as I saw you, I knew I wanted to be with you. I sipped down on my martini. Gin martini. I'm a classical girl. It was a nervous sip. One where you take a bit too much than you intend and kind of cough up a bit. I lost my focus when I coughed, went to cover my mouth and knocked over my drink, the olive dancing on the edge of the bar before rolling over the edge of the world. I watched it trickle down the floor and come to a stand still, right against your dress shoe. I looked up and there you were, looking right at me, a subtle smile on your face. My heart raced and my face blushed.

You bought me a drink and ordered one of the same. We sipped together and yet, for the longest time, didn't say anything. There was that mutual connection where no words are needed. Like we fed off of just our presence. Eventually I took you by the hand and out the bar. We ended up at your hotel room where I worked to untie your tie. I wanted to give you an incredible sexual massage Las Vegas is known for. I'll still remember the way our eyes locked while I unbuttoned your shirt and fiddled with your belt before sliding off your pants. I do believe this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Whoops. Hope you don’t mind Kylee has already pulled her tits out.Those are long legs that go on for miles. Sexy!Oh, just waiting around in this twisty chair. Don’t you love twisty chairs?A perfect smile on a perfect girl.
Who needs a bra to cover breasts anyways?Ass in the air. Just practicing yoga, naturally.Bet you didn’t’ even notice the white panties

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