I'm All About the Fun!

Oh, hey, were you just looking at me? Were you thinking of calling for a date tonight? This is my yoga night, but for you hun, I'll take a morning class. I know some hot clubs in Las Vegas, we could have a night on the town. If you like role playing I can bring some fun clothes.

A few things I enjoy, champagne in the Jacuzzi, seafood dinners on a glass bottomed boat, giant tubs filled with bubble bath, dancing and drinking all night long, and guys who think I am their lucky charm. There are a few other things I like but we just met, sort of, so I'll leave it to your imagination.

Can You handle More Than One of Us? I have a friend I enjoy working with, so if you were thinking about dating two of us, we work really well together. We actually went shopping together last week and found out we like the same style clothes, so we even have matching outfits if you are into dating twins.

The way we do massages, we each take a side and work you over really good in all directions. Ha Ha, I'm kidding. Our exceptional technique is sensual, loving, and very thorough. We'd never think of rushing you. You can have my full and complete attention, or you can go for both of us.

This is one thing I love about being a Las Vegas escort, there are countless ways that we can find to please you, make you happy, or make you ecstatic. I just got a strong feeling you wanted to call me. That's so flattering, let's do this!

Flower in her hair. Her hair will be messy when you’re done.A fun booty for a fun girl, don’t you think?Leah wants to take her underwear off. Just look into her eyes.
Won’t you come over now! Leah is waiting.Just naked, hugging herself. Want to join?

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