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Best Asian Escort in Las Vegas

My name is Li and I am a pretty Las Vegas Asian cultured lady with a beautiful and exciting sense of humor, carriage and charisma. I am very young and you could call me fresh blood but don't be mistaken as I do have equal or better Las Vegas escort or Las Vegas stripper experience as the top Las Vegas escorts in town. I am good looking and very sexy with very good nature and attitude. I am also very naughtily erotic and sensual with romance in the private and can make any man or woman explode with ecstasy and joy. I am chosen and trained for this job and the great Las Vegas adult entertainment has the glory on this because it is on this platform I am able to live and work as a certified & professional escort and stripper.

The two best things in my world right now are my job here doing Las Vegas in room massage services, and waiting here for you to call me. Number one is really spectacular! Number two, well, so far - not too hot. My fantasy is that you are picking up the phone, dialing my number at Las Vegas escorts so you can tell me where we are going tonight, and what you want me to do to you later, on our first date.

Do you think that sounds hot? I have a nickname my girlfriends here at Las Vegas Escorts like to call me, can you guess what it is? They call me rubber band, or you want to know why? They call me bandy because I am oh so bendy, like I am a rubber band. My flexibility does come in handy when I am giving one of my very, very special massages.

In The Mood for a Las Vegas Naked Massage? I love to play a little before I give a nice guy a massage. Would you like to play with me? Sometimes when I say I like to play, I mean I love to turn on some hot sexy music, and start dancing really slow. I enjoy taking off my clothes, real slow, and the music is just the right beat. Do you know what I mean?

Look deep into Li’s eyes. You’ll find your soul.Li sure looks good dripping wet. Don’t you think?Li is waiting in the sunset for you
Just need her to untie that top. So close.Just in her two piece, waiting to make it a no piece.

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