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Hey There! My name is Mirella and believe me, ill me on your mind all day. Having the weekends to work as one of the favorite Las Vegas escorts in the area, makes my weekdays as a college student worthwhile. Every weekend I see the lifestyle that high-end investors, entrepreneurs, and successful startup CEO's take for granted I wonder if I had everything they have at their fingertips, how long would it take for me to take it all for granted. Or would I ever? I work hard for the things I have, and the belongings I have are nice, but I see so much in my work and I have goals, to be an achiever one day.

For now I completely enjoy my various assignments with exceptional and interesting clients. I enjoy being on the arm a the rich, famous, and powerful. My training has taught me to be charming, to rarely react to things going on around me. My central focus is the well-being of my companion. I am always observing how I can be of service, watching for when he might need something.

My greatest responsibility is to keep myself looking gorgeous. For my work I make sure my hair is perfect, my skin is soft and supple, I work out three times a week and keep active daily. The key to looking the part of the pampered, mysterious, feline is to eat lots of healthy foods, and get plenty of rest. Before a big date I go to the spa for a pampering of my own, I make sure that when my date chose to unwrap me, I am like a precious gift beyond his every dream.

Playtime for the Princess. Sometimes when I am scheduled to be a Las Vegas Escort over an entire weekend, the boys go away and the kitty has time to play. I luxuriate in the impossibly large bath with a dozen well-placed jets. I sit on the terrace and read a favorite book, sipping a fine vintage wine and nibbling on tart and creamy cheese and crisp, nutty crackers. Then at the sound of the key sliding in the door I "punch in my timecard and I am the full-service companion once again. These times of renewal recharge the batteries of my brain, once again I am sharp and witty, subtle and endearing.

Would you come over already! Mirella is waiting for you.Mirella just loves wearing your shirt when it’s all done.Mirella has one of the tightest bodies of all escorts.Yup, those heels have purple soles.Hottest in the city this girl isHottest in the city this girl isHottest in the city this girl isHottest in the city this girl is

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