I Hate Wearing Clothing

Oh, good morning. Sorry, I'm still a little bit sleepy. I'm sleeping here, naked, covered under my comforter. Oh I feel so good. There's just something about naked skin against silky smooth sheets. It's the best feeling ever. Of course, I love to be naked pretty much all the time, so naturally I'd start my day off without clothes. I'll move on from here, walk naked across my apartment to my bathroom. There's a window in the hall I walk past everyday. I kind of like the thought of walking past the window naked. Makes me hot thinking there might be someone out there, waiting every morning to see the one or two second glimpse of me and my perfect body as I walk past. Who knows, maybe it is you out there, waiting for me, hoping to get a better glance. Well, you don't need to wait. I'm one of the seductive Las Vegas girls you can spend time with. Just give me a call and we'll make it happen.

Naked For As Long As I Can

I move naked from my sheets to my shower and let the hot water run down the length of my body. I lather myself up slowly, enjoying every curve of my body. I love to just slide my hands from my neck, down my breasts with soft finger tips running over my throbbing nipples, all the way down to between my legs. Getting off in the shower is better than any morning cup of coffee. If you ever visit a girl's apartment and see she has a removable shower head/wand combination, I promise you every single girl has gotten off with it. Heck, they might have gotten off with it early in the day.

Clothes...For a Time

I guess I should toss some clothes on before I head out. If I have to. If I could be naked all day I would be. But, then again, maybe I don't need to remain in my clothes for too long. If you take me out on a date, would you mind if I slide them off when we get back to the hotel? And by the way, does your hote's shower have a wand?

Sheer or not, those are some amazing tits.Now that is a great view. Oh, there’s a window too.Opal has legs that seem to go on forever.
Sure love to have Opal naked in the great outdoors. Try to find a better booty. We dare you!

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