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I Have Something No Other Girl Can Provide

It's true. Only you can prevent forest fires (well...I guess Smokey never really thought about lightening causing most fires...but whatever). When around me, you are going to feel the burn and your own long, thick piece of wood is going to be throbbing in heat. There is only one way to satisfy that throbbing and to put out the fire: me. I can help. I've put out my share of fires in my day and, well, I have a feeling I know what I can do to help put out that fire. It just depends on how long I want to let that fire burn down below.

I'm very good with my hands. If I had been a Boy Scout, I would have received all sorts of patches for my woodwork. There really isn't anything I can't do with a nice, thick piece of wood. I can turn it into putty. I can heat it up. I mean I can make the damn thing grow! Maybe I am more magician than anything else. Whatever it is, I'm good for treating a piece of lumber right, and I bet you I can make your piece of lumber feel perfect. It just depends on what you like, and what you feel like doing.

There are so many Las Vegas call girls out there, it is all about providing you with something just a little bit different. Any girl can go to dinner with you. That isn't hard. What's more difficult is understanding what each guy likes. Too many girls treat their men like the last guy they went on a date with. That's not how I role and it is not how I like to do things. After all, there are so many different kinds of wood out there, each with its own grain and color, thickness and use. I understand that and I've learned very well each kind of wood needs specific care. So, when we start to hang out, don't you worry. I know exactly how to treat your wood and how to make sure it really looks and feels the very best. Of course, i want to make sure I get my use out of it as well.

Phoebe is ready for a good time. She’ll show it to you.Is this a good enough view for you? Thought so.Who needs pants? Obviously not seductive Phoebe.
Just a second. She’s almost done unbuttoning her top.

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