This Girl Knows How To Party

It's time to get up, it's game day! Get ready as fast as you can, because the longer you take to get ready, the less time you have with Raquel. And, well, let's just say that Raquel really knows how to tail gate. She brings the tail, and we'll see if she lets up the gate for you. From affair, her tail is out of this world. You can see her walking from a mile away, through a crowd, and just want to stop to gasp at the beauty. Up close, you'll be lucky if your head doesn't explode from how hot it is (no, not your head head...the other one...). But it is alright to look. She loves it. She knows you're into her if you do. And you know what else? She wants to make sure you remember this tail gate party above any other you have ever gone to.

This actually might be the first tail gate party you've been to without any actual sports. Sure, you can check out a sporting event around town if you really want to. There's just one problem with that. Her booty is going to be in a seat or next to you, not in front of you. To each their own, but it sure would be a shame to miss out on a world class booty. Kind of like visiting Paris and stopping the block before seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Of all the different Las Vegas escorts, Raquel knows how to treat a man right. She really knows deep down what every guy wants. She can look into your eyes and seemingly peer into your soul. She can figure out what you want to do, what will make you happy and what you want from her. It is like a sixth sense she has (thankfully, it is not seeing dead people, because that would really take the date into an entirely different direction all together). So, whether you are into sports or are looking for something a bit different, Raquel can adapt her tail gate party to make sure it is what you want and what you need. Of course, the one thing that doesn't change between dates: her tail.

Now, if only she was posing without any panties on.Raquel knows how to push the right buttons.Raquel wants to show you more. But you have to come over.
Raquel is here to show you a great time and an even better body.Raquel needs to stretch out…with you.

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