Behind the Bright Lights of Las Vegas Resorts

Hi. Im Su. Working in this city as a Las Vegas escorts VIP I have had an experience like no other. My assignments working with executives and being their companion has been a new adventure every day. I am experienced at hostessing formal parties, entertaining high level guests and having wonderful conversations with people from all around the world. Recently I was asked to simply and quietly keep my eye on things. I just spent the day observing what was going on. Being an avid reader I know a little something about almost everything which helps with my conversation duties.

My work as a companion or escort, is as variable and different each day as you could possibly want. One day sunning on a yacht while businessmen talk business, and the next helping to hostess a charity event with a lovely gentleman. The added benefit is at the end of the day, after the others have all gone home, I can use my massage training to bring relief and relaxation to the tired and tense bodies of my gentlemen friends.

To Please, To Support, To Assist in Every Way. This work just suits me and I find so much to take an interest in. Whether a date wants a lucky charm by his side at a high stakes poker table, or a wealthy businessman wants a companion to fish with him on a lake. This week I learned how to navigate a sandrail out in the desert, it felt like racing sailboats only across the sand dunes.

I am trained to be whatever you need me to be, and I will cover my post with competence and grace. Many times I am asked to dress a certain way, with details as exacting from how to wear my hair and what pearls to wear. Other times there is a knock at the door and a private carrier will deliver packages of outfits from shoes, to gowns, to beachwear, even wigs!

Living the life of a Las Vegas escorts VIP sometimes feels like I could be the VIP, but the fact is, I am just the girl behind the man. I find powerful men exciting and interesting, I enjoy serving them in every way, seeing the pleasure on their faces makes me happy in my work. There is nothing better than knowing that I am good at what I do.

Su has those pouty eyes that really turn a guy on.Su doesn’t want to get anything in her hair.Stretching out for what comes later.
Laying around in her panties and bra. Want to see more?Su is a super seductive girl. Let her seduce you.

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