I Know How To Have Fun In Vegas

Hey there hottness! My name is Zelda. Yup, just like the video game. The last three dates I had were all about seeing Las Vegas shows like Blue Man Group and the comedy show, we had fun, and a lot of laughs. Once we got back to the hotel, the mood got quiet and everyone had some hot fun ides. WE turned down the lights, lit some candles, and set some mood music. That's when my friend and I started to dance. Not like some young chicks on a nightclub dance floor. We danced and began to take our clothes off. It's so weird how when you go into a strip club and everyone starts getting so loud, yelling, whistling. But throw a strip party in a private hotel and everyone gets really quiet. It feels like the guys are all focused and concentrating,

It's been said that the show we put on at hotel parties is so much better than the strippers in the clubs. We prefer it all up and personal, and I'm pretty sure the guys love it too. We took a break to change into the costumes we brought along, the music changed and got all honky tonk and down beat, that's all we need to get going. Right now I am thinking about how great it would be if the phone rang and it was you. It's never too late to plan a hotel strip party of your own!

So give us a call at Las Vegas in room massage services. We can talk about what you want me to bring to you hotel room. I have some really sexy ideas of my own as well!

Zelda is your queen. Treat her like royalty.Just waiting in her bed, waiting for you to come over.A seductive beauty, Zelda wants you over now
Zelda is waiting for you dressed in gold.

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